Mindful Self-Compassion in Corporates

Many people in the corporate world face issues in the areas of work-life balance, performance, resilience, professional relationships and team-work. Through skilful application of mindful practices, they can experience improvements such as mental clarity, decreased stress levels, greater productivity and better decision making.

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We work closely with Potential Project to enhance performance, innovation and resilience through mindfulness and other practices grounded in neuroscience and research - creating people centric cultures, happier professionals and truly human leadership.

Course Essentials


Work Techniques

Learn how to achieve more effective work habits and cultures. Work Techniques are specific ways to bring mindfulness to almost everything you do: emails, meetings, and communication to name a few.


Mind Training

Mindfulness is about becoming more focused, kind and creative. Our simple and direct approach to Mind Training improves your ability to be balanced under stress, focused on the task at hand and self-regulated in emotionally charged situations.


Mental Strategies

Joyfulness at work and patience with team dynamics - These are just two of the scientifically based Mental Strategies that have been shown to benefit performance, team cohesion and well-being. Often skeptical at first, leaders and employees embrace these strategies as they begin to see the results in their own work and life.